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  • Our Mexican Christmas Party


    Christmas in Mazatlan, Mexico

    We just had the best Christmas here at the Mariana Beach Apartments and Hotel.  A seriously good time!   It is the custom in Mexico to  celebrate Christmas on the 24 th, Chistmas Eve.   The parties start around dinner time and the  kids anxiously wait for midnight because that is when the presents come out.  Then everyone sleeps in the next day as the 25th is a day of rest.

    Not one to buck tradition, we decided to have a shin-dig right  here at the hotel.  We invited all our guests,  friends and family.   A big blend of North America…Mexican, American and Canadian!  It was a great crowd.  The blend of languages and voices, laughing and singing…..’course the beer and tequila might have had something to do with the singing. » Read the rest of the entry..

  • The Local Chicken Guy


    A great way to have an inexpensive traditional Mexican meal in Mazatlan is to hit one of the local chicken joints.   Seriously!  This is true picnic fare for a typical Mexican family.

    You buy a couple of chickens from your neighbourhood “Chicken Guy”.  The one by the Mariana Beach Apartments and Hotel is Pollo Loco.  It is actually part of a chain but there are chicken venders in every neighbourhood in Mazatlan and most of them are small independent family run businesses.  They sell wonderful rotisserie chickens for about $5. They are usually accompanied by tortillas and salsa.  That and some fruit is a great meal on the beach.  It is fast, inexpensive and healthy. » Read the rest of the entry..

  • The Hurricane in Mazatlan


    Last November there was a hurricane that came into the waters near Mazatlan.  What a storm it was!  Alfredo has been through several hurricanes and storms but it was a first for a Canadian girl like me.  I have seen my share of lightning storms but never the fury of a wind that can whip ocean and sand like that.  And we didn’t even catch the hurricane full on..(Thank-God!)   The storm was freakin’ amazing.  It was ripping and pulling and throwing and chucking.

    On one side of the hotel is a private street.  It turns into a path between two walls that lead to a beautiful stretch of sandy Mexican paradise.  The storm picked up all of the sand from the beach and basically tossed it at our hotel. The next day, all the rooms were full of sand. It was mounded up everywhere. You would pull back the sheets from the beds and they would be sandy and gritty.

    The next afternoon,  I walked to the beach and I was amazed to see a wall at the the end of the path were it meets the beach. Who the heck would build a wall here in the public walkway?  And how did they build it so fast, only a few hours after a hurricane?  Who are these people?  What the…? » Read the rest of the entry..

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