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  • The Lighthouse in Mazatlan – El Faro


    "El Faro" in Mazatlan, Mexico

    Alfredo and I woke up early on this fine Sunday morning and decided to go hiking up at “El Faro”, the local lighthouse.  After a great drive along the Malecon with our windows down and Jake’s nose hanging out the window, we arrived at our destination;  the hill at the mouth of the harbor inlet.

    Alfredo y yo nos despertamos temprano en esta mañana de domingo y decidimos ir de excursión comienza en “El Faro”, el faro local. Después de un buen paseo a lo largo del Malecon con las ventanas abajo y la nariz de Jake colgando por la ventana, llegamos a nuestro destino, la colina en la boca de la entrada del puerto.

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  • The town of Tequila – un “Pueblo Magico”


    A street in the town of Tequila, Mexico

    A group of us from Mazatlan, took a bus trip to Tonala, just outside Guadalajara.  On our way back, we stopped at the town of Tequila which is not far from Guadalajara. And you may be able to guess what the main product of Tequila is.  Yup.  You got it right.  Tourism.  Oh yeah…and tequila.

    Un grupo de nosotros de Mazatlán, tomó un viaje en autobús a Tonalá, en las afueras de Guadalajara. En nuestro camino de regreso, nos detuvimos en la ciudad de Tequila, que no está lejos de Guadalajara. Y usted puede ser capaz de adivinar lo que el producto principal de Tequila es. Así es. Usted lo hizo bien. Turismo. Ah, sí … y el tequila.

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  • The Plumbing Party at the Mariana Hotel in Mazatlan


    As some of you know…the Mariana is one of the oldest hotels here in the Golden Zone…and with age comes plumbing problems in both bodies and hotels.   Alfredo and I, being new at the Hotel Business….New Years eve was one heck of the beginning of a learning curve.  It started with a simple note under our door saying that the toilet wasn’t flushing so good in one of our rooms.  Turned out that we have 6 rooms all interconnected through their plumbing so when one plugs up…they all have problems. » Read the rest of the entry..

  • Friday Night Art Walk in Mazatlan, Mexico


    Mary and Julie cruisen down the street for the art walk

       An interesting event held here in Mazatlan is the Friday Night Art Walks.   There are 27 different artists whom open up their homes and studios to the general public on the first  Friday of every month from November to May.

     My Aunt Mary, myself and several of our other guests from here at the Mariana Hotel, banded together in a pulmania for the trip along the Malacon on our way to Olas Altas.  Here is a piece of advice for you.  Do not try to stick 5 people into a pulmana (open air taxi)  They are meant for 4.  We were squished in like sardines and going around corners, my door kept  popping open.  Good thing Marg is quick on the draw and the pulminias don’t drive too fast.  She was hauling my butt back into the cab. » Read the rest of the entry..

  • 3 Kings Day in Mazatlan, Mexico


    Roscos de Reyes

     I had been out shopping on January 5th, when I went into the bakery to buy bread. Inside the bakery, there was nothing BUT these cakes called Rosca de Reyes.  No bread, no buns, no sweetbreads…nothing but this Rosca de Reyes.  When I questioned Alfredo about it later, he explained that the 6th of January is the 3 Kings Day. 

    Here in Mexico, 3 kings day is a continuation of Christmas and is a celebration around the arrival of the 3 wise men with gifts for baby Jesus.   So on 3 Kings Day the Mexican children receive gifts from the 3 wise men.  The children write letters asking for what they want and examples of them being good.  (sound familiar?)  So they go to sleep on Jan 5 and wake up on the 6 with gifts by their shoes. » Read the rest of the entry..