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  • Gilberto Alcocer….Mazatlan’s finest bike painter.


    Gilberto Alcocer, from Demon Airbrushing, starting on my bike fender.

    I decided it was time to upgrade from my Harley-Davidson Sportster (which my butt has been on for 10 years now) and I began to shop around.  But the more I looked and the more bikes I tried…the more I discovered that my little Hugger Style Sportster fit me just right.  So we changed our minds about buying fresh and decided just to overhaul my baby instead.

    I bought a bigger tank and had my fenders remodelled and enlarged.  We sent off 35

    my new, bigger tank.

     parts to be chromed and sent the rest off to the paint shop.

    We were lucky enough to hire the talents of Gilberto Alcocer from Demon’s Airbrush here in Mazatlan.  He is an amazing artist with an exceptional vision and I couldn’t be happier with the work he has done. » Read the rest of the entry..