• Feeding the Raccoons


    Vern feeding the raccoons

    Driving along the Malacon we saw a crowd gathered on the street.  As we stopped to see what was going on we saw a large gathering of raccoons….yup….those crazy masked bandits had captured the attention of passerbys who have now gotten into the habit of stopping to feed them.

    There is a section of marsh land along a strip of the Malacon and there are apparently

    Christy and Alfredo handing out tortillas

    somewhere between 80 to 800 raccoons living there….depending on who the story teller is.  One thing for sure….they have the tourists trained.

    My first reaction was that this was crazy…these are wild animals for goodness sake…..but that soon gets lost in the excitement of these furry little critters taking food from your hands.  They were being fed everything from potato chips, apple slices and tortillas (we brought the tortillas and they were a huge hit with our new friends)


    our furry bandits

    They have definitely become a new attraction and some enterprising young Mexicans are making the most of it by selling goodies to feed them with and helping with parking (for a small fee)  Cancun may have Dolphins but Maz has the Raccoons!

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