• Friday Night Art Walk in Mazatlan, Mexico

    Mary and Julie cruisen down the street for the art walk

       An interesting event held here in Mazatlan is the Friday Night Art Walks.   There are 27 different artists whom open up their homes and studios to the general public on the first  Friday of every month from November to May.

     My Aunt Mary, myself and several of our other guests from here at the Mariana Hotel, banded together in a pulmania for the trip along the Malacon on our way to Olas Altas.  Here is a piece of advice for you.  Do not try to stick 5 people into a pulmana (open air taxi)  They are meant for 4.  We were squished in like sardines and going around corners, my door kept  popping open.  Good thing Marg is quick on the draw and the pulminias don’t drive too fast.  She was hauling my butt back into the cab.

       But we did make it out to Olas Altas section of the city intact and safe.  As usual we decided to start out at Puerto Viejo.  Puerto Viejo is a great little

    meg and her first piece of art for her new home here in Mazatlan

    bar on the beach in Olas Altas near Centro Historico.  They serve up seafood, cold drinks and a great view. 

      They have maps and info that they hand out about the art walk but do not attempt to take it all in in one night.  We pick a different route each time so as that our walk takes us past different artist’s doors.  We made it around to 10 different  locations for the January walk  but I have been out other nights when we have only made it to two. (That darn Puerto Viejo is a suductress some nights)  As long as we make it to all of them within the next few months I will consider it some Friday nights well spent.

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