• 3 Kings Day in Mazatlan, Mexico

    Roscos de Reyes

     I had been out shopping on January 5th, when I went into the bakery to buy bread. Inside the bakery, there was nothing BUT these cakes called Rosca de Reyes.  No bread, no buns, no sweetbreads…nothing but this Rosca de Reyes.  When I questioned Alfredo about it later, he explained that the 6th of January is the 3 Kings Day. 

    Here in Mexico, 3 kings day is a continuation of Christmas and is a celebration around the arrival of the 3 wise men with gifts for baby Jesus.   So on 3 Kings Day the Mexican children receive gifts from the 3 wise men.  The children write letters asking for what they want and examples of them being good.  (sound familiar?)  So they go to sleep on Jan 5 and wake up on the 6 with gifts by their shoes.

    Julie and Mary serving cake at the Mariana Hotel

     For the adults, the main tradition is the before mentioned… Rosca de Reyes.  It is a sweet bread baked in the ringsof a crown. It’s filled with nuts, figs and cherries and colorfully decorated with pieces of orange and lime.  And of course, being true to following tradition, here at the Mariana Beach Apartments and Hotel….Alfredo went out and got us our own Rosca de Reyes.

    OC finding the baby

    We rounded up all of our guests and gathered on the main patio where Julie and Mary served up the cake.   

     Now the fun thing about the Rosca de Reyes is that there is a small doll baked inside the bread. The person who finds the doll is responsible for hosting

    baby in the cake

    Candlemas Day, the final celebration of theChristmas season, on February 2nd.   The baby in the cake is symbolic of how Jesus had to be hidden from King Herod and his army. So the one that finds the baby is responsible for hosting a Tomales party.

    It was hilarious as  everyone checked thier cake for plastic babies.  OC thought he had it in his cake and then the girls kept an eagle eye on him to make sure he didn’t swallow it and escape the hosting responsibilities.

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