• The Plumbing Party at the Mariana Hotel in Mazatlan

    As some of you know…the Mariana is one of the oldest hotels here in the Golden Zone…and with age comes plumbing problems in both bodies and hotels.   Alfredo and I, being new at the Hotel Business….New Years eve was one heck of the beginning of a learning curve.  It started with a simple note under our door saying that the toilet wasn’t flushing so good in one of our rooms.  Turned out that we have 6 rooms all interconnected through their plumbing so when one plugs up…they all have problems.

     Being New Years Day…there was not a plumber to be had but the next day our local man showed up with tools in hand.  He tossed down gallons of acid to eat whatever was clogged.  The water started to flow and we rejoiced.  Way to early it turned out as the next day we were back to the same problem.

    So we called another plumber who showed up, decided to remove the toilet, broke the base of it and then ran away.  We then phoned a third plumber who never, ever showed up.  So we called our first guy back, went out and purchased him a “snake” (Mexican plumbers do not carry a lot of tools) and he managed to get out a couple of clogs and  again poured down HUGE amounts of acid and the plumbing started to work.  Again we rejoiced….and again it clogged up within a day.

    Our next step was to remove our toilets and call in a huge truck that put piping down the holes to blow out whatever the clog was with high pressure.  Their truck was so big that it had to be done first thing in the morning when there was no one parked on our street.  They were unable to fix the problem…took our money and left.

    Vern presenting Stella with our "back-up" plan

    By this time, we are onto Day 5 and are getting frantic.  We have two rooms that can’t use their bathrooms at all as the toilets are ripped out and the plumbing overflowing and 4 other rooms trying to shower and flush as little as possible.  So now we are onto plumber #6 and ripping out walls and floors.  Turns out that it was a main pipe under the building that had collapsed.  So now we have to go in through the restaurant underneath us to get to the root of the problem. (as you could guess…they were not very happy about this.)  This now takes two more days but finally…success!  So we rejoiced.  But….it still wasn’t over.

      When they put the toilets back into place they didn’t seal them right so now they are leaking across the floor.  That took another three days and two more plumbers to fix.

    Hmmmm...can we hold beer in this thing?

      Our guests were so amazing.  They took it all in with barely a blink in their eye.  We opened up another room that everyone could shower and use the bathroom in.  Except one day, one of my God-Kids shows up, feeling sick and weepy so forgetting that it is now the “public bathroom”…I put her into that room for a bit of downtime.  It is a treat to her to be able to lay in bed and watch TV.  I don’t know who got the bigger shock…her or Ted when he walked in wanting to take a shower.

       So we decided to really celebrate the plumbing horror being over and throw a Thank you party for our guests.  It was quickly crowned the Pooping plumber party.  We bought Ted and Stella a back up plan in case they ever lost their toilet again.  We drank Tequila and beer, through carne asada on the grill for tacos and made merry throughout the night.  Gerry says “any excuse for a party in Mexico”.

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