• Ginger’s bilingual Horses

    Me and Renee getting ready to ride

    This adventure was a result of my friend Renee who is a self-confessed horse fanatic.  Renee spent her childhood riding and showing the large beasts and loves to go to Ginger’s whenever she is in town.  Ginger is one of those people that everyone knows.  A lovely lady who has lived in Mazatlan for over 30 years and is the owner of Ginger’s Bi-lingual horses, one of Mazatlan’s best known attractions.  Renee insisted on dragging me out for a ride, and not one to turn down new adventures…I let myself be hauled out to the Northern end of Mazatlan.

    Riding on the beach with Ginger's Bi-lingual horses

    We met Ginger at Playa Bruja where she took our money and loaded us up in a taxi.  The tour is $350 pesos for an hour long tour and include the taxi both ways.  We went out to the beach at Emerald Bay where the horses and a guide were all waiting for us.  The horses were well cared for and very calm.  Since I usually prefer my horsepower to have two wheels,  I was pleased that the horse they selected for me was easily rideable.  I would of felt comfortable sticking a child on her.

    Riding out by Emerald Bay in Mazatlan

     There were 6 of us that went out.  Ginger offers two different rides.  One through a jungle plantation and one along the beach.  We chose the beach tour.  It was a lovely day.  The air was warm and fragrant. The company was good and other then a sore butt for two days…I totally enjoyed myself.  I might even let Renee drag me out again.

    You can get ahold of Ginger at gingershorses@mazinfo.com  or call her at 922 2026 if you are in Mazatlan or from Canada or the States her number is 011 52 669 988 1254.

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