• Gilberto Alcocer….Mazatlan’s finest bike painter.

    Gilberto Alcocer, from Demon Airbrushing, starting on my bike fender.

    I decided it was time to upgrade from my Harley-Davidson Sportster (which my butt has been on for 10 years now) and I began to shop around.  But the more I looked and the more bikes I tried…the more I discovered that my little Hugger Style Sportster fit me just right.  So we changed our minds about buying fresh and decided just to overhaul my baby instead.

    I bought a bigger tank and had my fenders remodelled and enlarged.  We sent off 35

    my new, bigger tank.

     parts to be chromed and sent the rest off to the paint shop.

    We were lucky enough to hire the talents of Gilberto Alcocer from Demon’s Airbrush here in Mazatlan.  He is an amazing artist with an exceptional vision and I couldn’t be happier with the work he has done.

       Gilberto is 32, born in Mexico City, and a recent transplant to Mazatlan.  He is an easy going guy, quick with

    Top view of my tank.

     a smile and an amazing eye for detail.  I described my dream for the bike to Gilberto and he ran with it.

    Since this was now going to be my “forever” bike, I wanted something that would be reflective of me and my beliefs.  What I wanted was a tree of life and day of the dead mixed motif.   I loved the concept of mixing the two.  Of  life and death combined in a lively dance.  Of  harmony between the two.

    So the tree of life starts at the roots on my back fender and spreads itself out over my tank and front fender with Catrinas (who are symbolic of the Day of the Dead) playing in it’s branches.

    A Catrina swinging on the branches of the Tree of Life.

      The background and base color of the bike is now blue (for the sky) and if you look closely, it is filled with skulls and other Catrinas.  There are things hidden throughout the entire paint job.  I love looking at it and discovering new sights and drawings.

        Gilberto, who has been artistic his entire life, originally learned to paint with airbrush at the side of  Bruno Pastrana.  Bruno is a well renowned artist here in Mexico and a good friend of Gilberto.  After Gilberto spent 7 years learning from Bruno at AeroDiseno, he then moved on to Chopper Palace where he worked for another two years. 

    My book readers on my oil pan.

    Between the two paint shops Gilberto painted over 200 different motorcycles.  What I found interesting was that Gilberto was not allowed to sign his name to his own work.  Because he worked for someone else…the name of that business was put on the bikes.

       When Gilberto moved to Mazatlan four years ago, he

    Gilberto Alcocer

     set up shop for himself which has grown into Demon Airbrushing….the business he owns now.  He has painted 34 bikes in the last four years…all which bear his signature.  Mine is #34 and I am proud to be sporting his name on my ride.

        Now the best part is that Gilberto is hoping to move to BC for part of the year and live in both countries (like we do!)

    Right side of the tank.

    This means that he will be painting bikes in Canada as well as Mexico.  He is truly an amazing artist and if anyone is interested you can get a hold of him at gilalcocer1@hotmail.com   I am certain it won’t take long for there to be a line of bikers waiting at his door.  And if you can get him in Canada then you won’t have to bring your bike all the way down here to Mazatlan…though it is a great excuse for a holiday. 

    Vern and Gil

    And we happen to know a great little hotel on the beach!

    I love my new tail lights. They glow blue.

    Left side of tank.

    front fender

    Tank detail of the Tree of Life

    Check out the detail work in the blue of the sky. Amazing.

    I love this. The roots of the Tree of Life with the Canadian and Mexican Flag.

    my beautiful Harley

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