• The Local Chicken Guy

    A great way to have an inexpensive traditional Mexican meal in Mazatlan is to hit one of the local chicken joints.   Seriously!  This is true picnic fare for a typical Mexican family.

    You buy a couple of chickens from your neighbourhood “Chicken Guy”.  The one by the Mariana Beach Apartments and Hotel is Pollo Loco.  It is actually part of a chain but there are chicken venders in every neighbourhood in Mazatlan and most of them are small independent family run businesses.  They sell wonderful rotisserie chickens for about $5. They are usually accompanied by tortillas and salsa.  That and some fruit is a great meal on the beach.  It is fast, inexpensive and healthy.

    The only problem is that they usually close early.  It is hard to get chicken past 5 o’clock. Mexicans usually eat their big meal of the day at lunch (“la comida”).  Lunch and siesta….lighter dinner.  Unfortunately, the local Pollo Loco in the Golden Zone hasn’t quite caught on to the amount of business to be had by those that eat later.

    It really is a great lunch.  If you are staying any place with a kitchen then buy a bit extra and warm it up the next day and use in chicken quesadillas or a chicken ensalada.


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