• Our Mexican Christmas Party

    Christmas in Mazatlan, Mexico

    We just had the best Christmas here at the Mariana Beach Apartments and Hotel.  A seriously good time!   It is the custom in Mexico to  celebrate Christmas on the 24 th, Chistmas Eve.   The parties start around dinner time and the  kids anxiously wait for midnight because that is when the presents come out.  Then everyone sleeps in the next day as the 25th is a day of rest.

    Not one to buck tradition, we decided to have a shin-dig right  here at the hotel.  We invited all our guests,  friends and family.   A big blend of North America…Mexican, American and Canadian!  It was a great crowd.  The blend of languages and voices, laughing and singing…..’course the beer and tequila might have had something to do with the singing.

    I had been working in Canada and had just flown in that afternoon.  I had a bit of dread in my heart, having left all the preparations for our first official Christmas bash in the hands of my husband.  But when we arrived at the hotel I was greeted with the happy sight of a giant, huge pinata swinging from the floors above and every available table and chair, spread out on our main patio.   He had a cooler already full of ice and beer. A bar was set up and tables laid for a buffet.

    We had the main dish catered by a local neighborhood ‘Señora ‘ .    She is a wonderful cook.   She made a green pasta in a spicy cream sauce that was to die for and also loda, which is like a slab cut roast, baked in a stew.   You eat it with tiny croissants.  And as in another well known Mexican tradition..dinner arrived two hours late.

    Luckily all our friends brought something to contribute to the meal so no one was going hungry.  It turned into a variable feast.  Also, as is true to Mexican ways, the party waned and changed as some people left and others arrived.     I think our last batch of guests arrived at midnight and left at about 4 am.   So every couple of hours, someone arrived with some new, delicious thing to taste and sample.

    Uncle Bob with a Christmas sparkler

    There was a fabulous homemade jalapeno jelly that when mixed with some cream cheese and spread on a cracker was a little pop of heaven on your tongue.  There were dishes of marlin, baked beans, linguine, several fabulous salads and a seafood stew that Alfredo’s aunt made that  you serve over pasta that could make you cry.

    After dinner the dancing began.  Elba brought these massive sparklers so we lit them up and everyone hit the dance floor.  The patio was alive with shooting sparkles and the joy of celebration.

    Airy was the first person to tackle the pinata.  I got second whack.   They tied a blindfold around my eyes so I couldn’t see…stuck a big stick in my hand…twirled me around and let me go.  A fairly dangerous combo…for everyone else…not much threat to the Piñata though.

    Airy getting ready to whack the pinata Turned out that the Piñata was a lot tougher then we thought it would be.  Alfredo was a pro on it.  He attacked that thing like he was hitting a home run out of the park.  You could tell who has had a lifetime of piñata bashing.  One of our guests ended up breaking the darn stick on it and it still didn’t break open.  Turned out that the center of the pinata was made out of old cement bags.  No wonder it wouldn’t rip open!   Elba ended up taking it up to the next floor balcony and ripping it open and showering everyone with candy.

    Midnight was counted down too with choruses of Merry Christmas and hugs!  But the evening continued on for many more hours.

    This was truly a night of celebrating family and friends…. exactly what Christmas is supposed to be about!

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